About Sanjay


There are thousands of astrologers in the world but there are few who are truly living and breathing the traditional path of the Vedas and come from the birthplace of this practice and way of life.

Master Yoga Teacher + Jyotishi, Sanjay Soni born and raised in Madhya Pradesh, India embodies and has been devoted to the path of yoga since 2009 when he met the first of many spiritual masters after completing his MBA in Tourism. After meeting the spiritual master his life changed and he felt a strong inner calling and curiosity to know more about the path of yoga. His formal study in yogic practices began in 2010-2011 at MDNIY, one of the most renowned yoga schools in India. He has experience leading multiple yoga and meditation retreats. He holds a U.S. 200 RYT Certificate from Yoga Alliance. 

Sanjay Soni moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in August 2018 and is here of service to the land and the diverse population it attracts from all over the world.