Spring Cleanse Retreat, Santa Fe 2020

May 29-June 7, 2020 in Santa Fe, NM

10 Days to a New You!

This is a flash opportunity for connoisseurs of high performance wellness to sign-up for a curated 10-day High Performance Yoga Retreat + Cleanse under the guidance of Master Yoga Teacher, Yogacharya Sanjay. 

If you are the kind of person who values an ultra fit, high performance lifestyle, or if you are a member of a high performance team looking to share a teambuilding workshop that will enhance the Body, Mind and Creative Spirit of all the members of the team, then this guided 10-day retreat and cleanse is a rare opportunity!

What Makes Our Retreat Unique

Limited to 10 participants, this exclusive retreat under the personal guidance of Yogacharya Sanjay, you will learn a Daily Practice of cleaning both the body and the mind on the outside and inside using traditional Yogic methods that result in your fit, focused and energetic peak performance ~ personally and professionally ~ just in time for the holidays! Our format supplies all the energy, structure and organization that you need in order to have an intense, sustainable, high performance experience of wellness.

The Perfect Schedule

Our work/retreat format allows you to stay at home and go to your day job in Santa Fe, NM.

We’ll meet at a central meeting place (TBD) in the morning, at noon (optional) and in the evening for the 10 days.

Dietary restrictions during the length of the cleanse are straightforward. During the Cleanse, we’ll be observing the following dietary restrictions: No Coffee, Meat, Eggs or Alcohol. Breakfast provided will be Oatmeal. Lunch (we recommend a vegetarian meal) and Dinner provided will be Kitchari.

  • Daily Yoga Sessions during Lunchtime
  • Clean Living Cooking Lessons
  • Evening Meditation + Light Dinner

Daily Schedule

All Activities take place at the Central Meeting Place (TBD)

6:00am-8:00am Morning Cleanse Routine, Vital Breath Work, Meditation, Chanting & Oatmeal Breakfast

12:15pm-1:30pm Yoga Exercise for Energy

6:00pm-8:00pm Evening Meditation + Kitchari Dinner

Ancient Yogic Practices

This guided offering is based on an ancient set of yogic practices that combines a water-based cleanse, with vital breathwork, traditional chanting, deep meditation and yogic exercise that promotes:

  • a calm and tranquil Body
  • a clear and still Mind
  • a witness-position connection to Spirit

This guided retreat and cleanse take high performers to the next level of their life-quality and business goals!

Your Teacher, Yogacharya Sanjay

There are thousands of yoga teachers in the world but there are few who are truly living and breathing the traditional path of yoga and come from the birthplace of this practice and way of life.

Sanjay Soni born and raised in Madhya Pradesh, India embodies and has been devoted to the path of yoga since 2009 when he met the first of many spiritual masters after completing his MBA in Tourism. After meeting the spiritual master his life changed and he felt a strong inner calling and curiosity to know more about the path of yoga. His formal study in yogic practices began in 2010-2011 at MDNIY, one of the most renowned yoga schools in India. He has experience leading multiple yoga and meditation retreats + YTTC. He holds a U.S. 200 RYT Certificate from Yoga Alliance. Recent workshops he has lead have been about Vedic Astrology, Yogic Kriyas, and Pranayama.

“People always have one question for me, “Which style of yoga do you teach?” And I reply there is not any style. Everything is from the spiritual masters and ancient yogis. I feel…Yoga is food…so we don’t need to learn and I don’t need to teach…We need to practice. Most of practice is to improve our lifestyle on the physical, mental and spiritual level.”

The Best Experience Ever

You, too, can be one of up to 10 particpants who value having a peak experience of wellness under the guidance of a highly trained and well-regarded teacher, Yogacharya Sanjay without losing a day of vacation doing it! And, if you are a Team Leader or an Organizational Leader who would like to sponsor your Team for the Atlanta 10-day High Performance Yoga Retreat ~ please reserve your seats early! Questions? Ready to register? Please call Shelby: 562-506-6214.
Shelby Sanchez
Retreat Co-Host

Secure Your Spot Today!

$3,033 Investment

To secure your spot at this year’s retreat, please complete the registration and send your non-refundable $500 deposit.

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Payment Deadline & Cancellation Policy

Reservation Down Payment:  $500 (non-refundable)

Registration & Full Payment Deadline:  November 3, 2019

Cancellation Policy:  No refunds after November 3, 2019

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