vedic astrology reading

This session provides a comprehensive interpretation of your Vedic horoscope. It addresses your karmic patterns of destiny and questions including:  Relationships, Major Life Decisions/Direction, Life Transitions/Changes, Family, Career, Medical/Health, Psychological, Marriage, Children, Education, Finances & Moving/Property (Real Estate) Concerns. Important future trends and events are revealed through this ancient predictive system. 

Jyotish (Hindu Astrology) is a sacred source of ancient knowledge, which is powerfully applicable to modern contemporary life.  Predictive Vedic Astrology offers both specific details of and the precise timing for major life events.  Planning and decision-making are greatly enhanced by gaining this valuable information. The use of gem stones and other remedial measures for healing planetary afflictions will also be explored. You will receive a PDF of your Kundali Birth Chart for future reference. 

How to Request a Reading

Consultations can be done by Zoom, telephone or in-person with social distancing in Santa Fe, NM. An accurate birth time is essential for a precise analysis of the birth chart. Each client is responsible for providing an accurate birth date, birth time, and birth location (City, State & Country). Please contact Sanjay by telephone at (505) 310-1420 or email to set up your appointment. Leave your name and telephone number on his secure voice mail system and state your desire to set up an appointment. Your call will be returned within 24-48 hours under most circumstances. Sanjay will reply promptly to schedule your session. You may submit in advance a list of questions or concerns that you would like addressed during your session. This is not required. But, it may help you to focus on what is most important to you at this time. Utmost care is taken to maintain complete confidentiality between the client and Sanjay. All consultations are private and held in strictest confidence.

Business Practice Policy

Vedic astrological consultations provided by Sanjay are conducted privately with the Client. Vedic Astrology is a powerful predictive science, but it is not always 100% accurate due to certain factors such as the inaccuracy of the true birth time and some proportion of human error. Sanjay strives for 100% accuracy in every consultation, but cannot guarantee that level of precision. The information and advice obtained from a consultation should be used as a guideline or roadmap. Each person ultimately remains fully responsible for their behavior, judgments, actions, and decision making process. The astrological information should be used concurrently with rational, logical, and intelligent decision-making processes. Clients may use the information from the astrology consultation according to their own best interests, completely at their sole discretion.

Payment and Cancellation Policy

Payment is due 72 hours before the scheduled date and time of session. Appointments are subject to cancellation if payment is not received by the deadline. Appointments can be cancelled or rescheduled due to any unforeseen circumstances or personal situations 48 hours before the scheduled date and time. You may email or call to reschedule or cancel appointment in that case. Payment can be made securely via Venmo. *For in-person readings, cash or checks are accepted.

Initial Comprehensive Session: $325 | 70 minutes

vedic palm reading session

Are you looking for greater self-understanding? Or insight into future significant life events, health, wealth and relationships?

In Vedic palmistry the palm lines, shape, size, fingers and nails of your hands together reveal aspects of your innate personality and natural talents. They show a record of your past – but the future’s not set in stone! Through the awareness you gain with this palm reading you can take active steps to follow your life path – one that will utilize your best qualities and lead to a happier, more fulfilled life.

A Palmistry reading may be helpful in guiding you towards a better understanding of the basis of your motivation in life. A palm reading can not only raise awareness of possible problems but may also give valuable insights about your personality and character and suggestions which might be helpful for you in making further decisions about your mission in life.

This session with Sanjay is both fascinating and great fun!

Rate: $180 | 55 minutes

For all inquiries call or email

(505) 310-1420 |

history of vedic astrology (Jyotish)

Vedic Astrology or Jyotish is the traditional Hindu system of astrology, also known as Indian Astrology or Hindu Astrology, originating 5000 years ago in India. The true meaning of Vedic Astrology is the “Message from the Stars”. The planetary positions at the time of our birth can give us clues about the strengths and weaknesses in our personality, character and temperament.

By applying the principles of Vedic Astrology, one can forecast important events in our lives. A chart is made out for the moment of birth and for the particular place of birth (Latitude and Longitude being taken for calculation). From such a chart, one can read all important events about the native, their character, temperament, and peculiarities, longevity, condition of health, accident, proneness, finances, fortune, marriage / love relationships, birth of children and also his prosperity or adversity.

Moreover the actual date of any occurrence in their life can be calculated. The major difference between Traditional Vedic Astrology and Western Astrology is that the Traditional Vedic Astrology uses sidereal zodiac. Western Astrology in contrast, uses what is called the tropical zodiac.

  • Benefits
  • great tool for offering us guidance at any stage of our lives
  • helps with decision making
  • can help us answer the mundane questions of love, marriage, health, money, success and more
  • can allow us to know ourselves better, help promote spiritual growth
  • give us insight into the numerous ways in which our own karmic impressions are scheduled to manifest and enhance our use of free will ultimately leading to greater success and happiness

history of vedic palm reading (Hasta)

Hasta Sāmudrika Śāstra is the sacred “ocean of knowledge of the signs and symbols of the hand”. It finds its’ origins in the grander tradition of Jyotiṣa Śāstra (Vedic Astrology) and generally in the category of Sāmudrika/Lakṣaṇa Śāstra–-which is the deep knowledge of any “markings/signs”, typically on the body in general (hands, feet, face, etc…), that serve to give information and insight into the character and destiny of an individual.

In India it is almost impossible to separate Hasta/Palmistry and Jyotish/Vedic Astrology. In fact, a typical response to telling someone that you are a student or practitioner of Jyotish, is for them to immediately put their palms out and ask for you to read their destiny from their hands.

This is because classically anyone with knowledge of the one must have knowledge of the other-–both as part of the way that these traditions have been passed down orally for centuries and, most importantly, because the one massively informs the other and they work as an interactive duo for unlocking the mysteries of our karma and discerning our destiny patterns.

  • Benefits
  • discover many things about yourself so that you can plan your next move
  • reveals your specific purpose in life
  • find out how to understand your marriage partner, your children, your friend and business partner
  • one can discover old patterns and let them go so the new adventures in life can be experienced
  • aids personal growth and renewal; it opens self-understanding from within, generating new thoughts and ideas
  • reveals opportunities