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Yogacharya Sanjay is currently offering the following service’s below in-person in Santa Fe, New Mexico and worldwide via video call. To read more and book a session click below. 


A Vedic Chart Reading with Yogacharya Sanjay includes an in depth analysis of your psychological profile, an overview of your talents and tendencies in the various areas of life: career, relationships, health, education etc.


A Palmistry reading may be helpful in guiding you towards a better understanding of the basis of your motivation in life. In Vedic palmistry the palm lines, shape, size, fingers and nails of your hands together reveal aspects of your innate personality and natural talents.

CLASSES & Workshops

Traditional Hatha Yoga Practices for the mind, body and soul as taught by the ancient Indian spiritual masters. Master Yoga Teacher, Yogacharya Sanjay leads both public group classes and private one-on-one classes in Santa Fe, NM 

About Advait Yoga

Advait Yoga School, lead by Master Yoga Teacher, Yogacharya Sanjay welcomes all who want to walk the living path of yoga. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the beautiful land of enchantment, and offering retreats and YTT, our school offers a natural haven for those who seek an experience and environment in which to evolve in body, mind and spirit and deepen their sadhana (daily spiritual practice).

Upcoming Events

SM _ 40 Day Yogic Cleanse
10 Day Spring Cleanse retreat

10 days to a new you in Santa Fe, NM! Join March 29-June 7, 2020 Yogacharya Sanjay's signature program of ancient yogic practices to purify and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. Safe and effective way to rid the body of harmful toxins that have built up over time.

Traditional Hatha Yoga Classes at Railyard
Traditional hatha Yoga classes

Join Master Yoga Teacher, Yogacharya Sanjay for Traditional Yoga Practices in Santa Fe for the mind, body and soul as taught by the ancient Indian spiritual masters. Sanjay leads both public group classes and private one-on-one classes for all levels.

about yogacharya sanjay

There are thousands of yoga teachers in the world but there are few who are truly living and breathing the traditional path of yoga and come from the birthplace of this practice and way of life. Sanjay Soni born and raised in Madhya Pradesh, India embodies and has been devoted to the path of yoga since 2009 when he met the first of many spiritual masters.

2020 retreats & yttc

May 29-June 7, 2020: 10 Day Spring Cleanse Retreat in Santa Fe, NM

August 22-September 11, 2020: 200 Hour YTT in Santa Fe, NM 

Check Out Our Testimonials

Sanjay's knowledge about the traditional teachings of Yoga and Vedic chart reading are remarkable, his detailed interpretation offers you to see the world with a more positive attitude. I totally recommend learning from him. He is true gift to this world.
Sanjay helped me improve my lifestyle, my relationship to my body and my mental health in invaluable ways. I felt light, clean, renewed and it was truly a gift to learn ancient yogic practices straight from the source.
Elizabeth Glass
Actress + Playwright
Sanjay is an extremely gifted astrologer, healer, and master yoga teacher--if you have the opportunity to do a Vedic Astrology Reading with him, or a Vedic Palm Reading, or to attend one of his yoga or meditation classes, I strongly suggest that you take it! You won't regret it!